As a network protocol programmer you have todetermine the best combination of cybersecurity controls to counteract the cyber threats. Usig the uploaded excel spread sheet you must determine and select the best combination of cybersecurity and financial security controls to improve cybersecurity at Mistral Bank and maintain business performance while staying within budget. Support for the mission must form part of the rationale used when making your decisions.
The stakes are high; compromised cybersecurity for Mistral Bank will weaken the financial network of the country and that spells bad news for businesses in the country. Tough times are ahead.
Second, a holistic approach is the only viable approach! It’s important to optimize your performance in all areas rather than focus on only one area. For instance, while you should spend adequately on cybersecurity, overspending without a clear focus will mean that Mistral Bank’s profits will dip. You share the budget for your decisions with your team members; you may be tempted to use the entire budget, and even avail an overdraft, allowing you to spend more. Take the risks into account when doing so, however, because it will reduce Mistral Bank’s profitability and the budget available for the next round. As a private entity, you need to keep an eye on profitability given the current economic climate