Build your own MCI
The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that you may demonstrate the key responsibilities you would need to undertake if faced by a mass casualty incident.

These include:
communication (the SITREP)
managing the scene (a map of the incident an resource placement)
The triage sieve and sort
Design it yourself to allow you think more broadly about what would constitute a mass casualty incident and well as how to manage the incident. The client is not looking for excellence in graphic art of cartography; rather they want you to make sure you have covered all the major learning points of the module. You will be marked by the clarity, accuracy and comprehensiveness the information.

Submit a MCI of your own design. You should have 20 patients with no more that 2 of those patients being dead. You will need to provide a description of the incident using the SITREP format. This should be followed by an incident map which shows all the relevant components of the incident and the management structure. Finally you will need to describe all your patients and allocate triage scores.

The format of your work should be:
1. Your SITREP
2. Map:
This should be an A3 sized map of a fictitious or real location which details the incident, major structures/vehicles involved, locations of hospitals (and distances) locations of emergency services (and distances) and any local resources relevant to the incident, (e.g. nearby fuel depot, transport facilities, open spaces, refuge areas). You may hand draw the map or use a downloaded map (such as google maps).

On the map you should mark and label the following:

Patients (or groups of patients if all in one place) with an identifier for each
e.g. patient 6 or patients 6 – 10
no more than 2 dead patients

The layout of the incident according to the Mass Casualty Incident Management Guide
Location of all the named roles according to the Mass Casualty Incident Management Guide

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