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, If you cannot find the pdf file of textbook, please use these images.
The pdf file uploaded is out of order but contains from page 23-45. which is the chapter two.
please go over the description of the reading commentaries.
which is :

(reading is on chapter two of the textbook, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Severe Mental Illness, by William

Spaulding, Mary Sullivan, Jeffrey, Poland )

To facilitate discussion, you will be asked to prepare a one page, double-spaced typewritten commentary on the

readings.This commentary may focus on one or more questions, controversies, contradictions, unresolved issues

or implications of the readings. They should avoid summarizing, reviewing readings or stating general
conclusions. Ideally, your commentary will tie together the readings and develop your own ideas specifically

and in some detail.

basically, this is the reading commentary on chapter two of Treatment and Rehabilitation of Severe Mental


***please do not summarizing the chapter and follow the instructions, please develop own idea , include own