You will need to process a variety of porous and nonporous items (about 7-10) for latent prints using whatever supplies you are able to obtain (fingerprint powder, crushed charcoal, unsweetened cocoa, etc). Some types of surfaces that you can use to fingerprint are: Microwave, oven, door knobs, windows, bathroom mirror, paper items around the house, cars, soda cans, dishes and bowls, glasses, etc. After completing this process, describe your experience in an APA 6th edition styled essay.

You must address the following questions:

1)How many different prints or partial prints did you locate?

2) What types of objects did you lift prints from? Where were they located?

3) What supplies did you use? What technique did you use to apply the powder?

4) Did you expect to find more prints, or fewer?

5) can you identify the prints as different from one another?

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