The role of power and cultural differences in conflict resolution.

2. Interpersonal Communication skills in conflict resolution

3. Mediating conflicts between parties: When/When Not to Mediate Workplace Conflicts

Major Assignment Requirements:

1. Search the topics on “Google Scholar” and find academic articles and journals 2. Give reference of the written points by writing.

Example: (Author, Title, retrieved from (website), page 10.)’

3. Submit the word document and PPT on the due date (31 July


• Maximum word length is (20 pages of Ms. Word) = 15 Marks A summary of the topic in PPT slides (20 slides minimum) = 05 Marks

A penalty for excess or less length will be imposed. (Penalty for each page excess or less page is one mark).

Assessment criterial

First Class level student work will display the following

a) Concise and to the point presentation of the topic

b) Strict abidance by the format requirements c) No Plagiarism:

a. It will be checked by b. Accepted plagiarism is up to 20%

c. From 21% to 40%, penalty will be imposed (one mark per excess percentage)

d. From 41% to 100% plagiarism, means the assignment is rejected and given zero marks.

d) Page size must be A4/Letter. e) Font is “Times New Roman” Font size 12.

f) Main Titles should be Heading One (Font 12 Bold) g) Sub Titles should be Heading two (Font 10 Bold)

h) Line space should be 1.5 Points

Page Margins is equal (1 inch in all four sides (Right, Left, Top, Bottom)

Submission on or before the due date is compulsory (No Extension!) Other levels of work: The further a student’s work diverges from the ideal described above, the lower their

resulting grade is likely to be.